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Jan 16

Joke Necrophilia Part II

A few years ago I wrote an incomplete list of joke formats that had officially died-despite the fact that everyone seemed to keep doing them.  I think it’s time to add a few more to our coroner’s report.  


-How come we PARK in a DRIVEway but everyone thinks this is an original set up for an unrelated thought?

-*Pulls away from kissing* Have you ever noticed how this isn’t even a joke, just wish fulfillment that the tweeters might actually kiss someone instead of dying alone?

-“I really miss this style of making jokes.” -said no one ever

-Sorry I did something inappropriate at a notable occasion in your life.

no, wait, let me clarify this one

Sorry I used a tired joke format at your cat’s bar mitzvah.

-I don’t have the knowledge and education to create real things in the world, so instead I’ll just make a joke about things that should exist, because science!


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